Designing Individuals Perspectives LLC. Our name is our name.

A group of talented individuals.

Mission Statement

We combine a vast, yet unorthodox collection of skills to deliver results for any sector. Seriously.

Founded upon three pilars: Designing, Individuals and Perspectives.

Designing:We pledge to ethically participate in the design of new concepts and products. See Services for more details.

Individuals:We promise to deliver a unique customer centered experience. A 1 of 1.

Perspectives:We take customer input seriously; we see your vision and bring it to fruition.

Vision Statement

We want to provide a safe place for employees to work.

Eventually, we will be able to offer new opprotuinties in tech.

Our foundation is fixed: Designing, Individuals, and the Perspectives of everyone involved.

Designing: We strive to become a market leader spanning multiple markets.

Individuals: We aim to create quality work opprotunities for the skilled, yet inexperienced.

Perspectives: We want to increase our platform obtain international reach.


executive director

Executive Director

Benny Iko

Benny is family-oriented, and a proven leader with experience in many sectors. The former professional athlete, high school coach and teacher is also a computer science graduate with a continued passion for a wide range of topics. He attacks every situation with perseverance and due diligence; a couple of traits that made him a succesful salesman for many years. Introduced to video games at a young age, he knew that he wanted to be involved in the process of creating games. In high school, he decided that he wanted to try graphic design, after being inspired by one of his uncles. However, the school he attended did'nt offer the major, so he decided to pursue computer science. This decision was influenced by another uncle of his. Benny has worked in an information technology capacity for prestigous organizations such as Johns Hopkins and the team formerly known as The Washington Redskins. However, he was experiencing trouble deciding which facet of tech piqued his intrest the most. Instead of specializng, he continued to learn and practice. As a result, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge.  His ultimate goal is to leverage this accumulated knowledge for the benefit of self and otehrs.

research and development

Research and Development Specialist

Benny Iko

Benny recently earned his bachelors in computer science. This came after years of studying as a student athlete at multiple accredited universities, both internationally and domestically. Currently, he is pursuing a masters degree in Information Technology with a Software Engineering specialization, with a target graduation date of May 2023. He has conducted over a 1000 hours of research, and written a wide range of papers on computer science related topics. Once a student member of the IEEE, he made contributions to the P1228 Software Safety Standards working group. He single-handedly executed the research, design, development and implementation of an introductory game design course utilizing free and open source tools available on the web. Also, he has experience serving a wide variety of customers in different environments. This is coupled with his excellent knowledge of the company's products and services, as well as competing products and services. Furthermore, this affords him the capability to effectively advise clients of the best method available to meet their needs.


Full Stack Developer

Benny Iko

Benny is a fullstack developer, with over a decade's worth of experience. He will receive his degree in Information Technology with a Software Engineering specialization in May 2023. Learning about the software development proccess is his priority, instead of simply creating projects for a portfolio. However, he has created a variety of desktop applications, but mostly for educational purposes. He shares his love for programming with his students through teaching; instructing beginners, intermediate and advanced users, following the industry's best practices. He practices Agile software development using a hybrid approach of Scrum and TDD. The first languauges he learned were HTML and CSS. Next, he learned C++, then Java. Following, he learned assembly language. From there, he learned OpenGL, WebGL, JOGL, JavaScript, C# and SQL. Currently, he is enjoying learning more about the Spring framework and Python.


3D Printing


3D printing is an additive manafacturing process. We create, or take an existing 3D file (.obj or .stl), then turn it into a 3D object, using what is known as a slicer, and a 3D printer. There are many real world applications for 3D printing including: jewlery, prosthetic limbs, food, homes, weapons, instruments, and the list goes on! The wonderful part about 3D printing is that it can may be used for virtually anything that you think of. Take advantage of one of our codeword3D printing services listed below. If you have access to a 3D file, but no way to print, then PASS is right for you. If you have an idea, but no file, but prefer someone else to handle printing, try CAST. CAST and PASS is a combination of services, which allows you to truly get in touch with your creative side. Storefront (coming soon) allows customers to purchase 3D inventory that is readily avialable; including both files and prints.

Services Rendered

Screenshot from CAST service - Create your ideas in 3D today
Screenshot from CAST and PASS service - Create and print your ideas in 3D today

Graphic Design


We offer a wide range of graphic design services to properly meet your needs. Whether you are just getting started, or have been open and operating for years, we can make your brand appear more visually appealing to your base. We offer traditional, paper based media: posters, flyers, and business cards. On the other hand, we offer digital models: logo design, book cover design, and paper based models previously mentioned. Whatever you need, we got you.

Services Rendered

Western Art History Textbook Cover Sample

Information Technology Consulting


Our members have experience serving prestigous organizations in an Information Technology capacity. Furthermore, our employees have earned degreees from accredited instittuions. Our working knowledge of Information Technology is an asset to you, your small business, your department, or enterprise scale operation. We play close attention to market trends, perform research and we let you focus on whats important for you. There are many decisions to consider when building an application, information system, video game, etc. We will help you make the best decision for your vision.

Services Rendered