The design firm created during the pandemic. Much like the year 2020, the company is looking to come, *expletive*, *expletive* up and leave (well actually stay, but that did'nt sound as cool). The company was founded by the owner slightly after completiion of a bachelor's degree in computer science. After endless interviews, technical assesments, job fairs, etc. it felt prudent to think about things from a different perspective. Theoretically, a  love for graphic design, programming, video games, storytelling and sports should be able to turn a profit, if executed correctly. Thus, a relaization: A commitment to knowledge, and growth could benefit self and others.                         

mission statement 

Designing Individuals Perspectives LLC. Our name is our name. The design firm founded in 2020 combines an unorthodox collection of skills to yield expected, yet surprising results. The company was founded upon three pilars: Designing, Individuals and the Perspectives of everyone involved.                         

Designing: We pledge to authentically participate in the design of new and exisitng concepts.

Individuals: We promise to deliver a unique customer centered experience. A 1 of 1.   

Perspectives : We devote ourselves to careful recreation of your vision. We will carry out your vision.*        


vision statement

We believe computer science is a foundational subject. Our vision includes a future where the traditiionaly underrpresented in the field are not only introduced to the field, but given opprotuinties to succeed. The pilars that the company were built on will remain relevant: Designing, Individuals, and the Perspectives of everyone involved.

Designing: We strive to become a market leader in computer graphics related design.

Individuals: We aim to create quality work opprotunities for the skilled, but inexperienced.

Perspectives: We want to be seen nationally, but only to be heard. YOUR STORY, OUR STORY, HISTORY.